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Metals Slammed by Dollar as Currency Tumult Roils Commodities

Gold plumbed its lowest since 2020 while copper and iron ore slumped, as the dollar’s rally to a fresh record added to fears for the global economic outlook.

One Bitcoin Equals One Bitcoin Becomes the Narrative as the Drop Gets ‘Too Painful’

Virtual money, digital gold, inflation hedge, uncorrelated asset, store of value: those are phrases once used by Bitcoin’s fans to describe the cryptocurrency’s virtues. Its new narrative? A Bitcoin is a Bitcoin.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Isn’t Free

Insurance protects against losses – fires, floods or a wrecked car. Because of the life-altering consequences of such as loss, clients rarely question the cost of the insurance. When viewed through an analogous framework, the cost of lifetime-income insurance, such as a GLWB, is fairly priced.

Why Investors Are Facing Even More Market Instability

Frequent flyers are accustomed to turbulence on some flights. Indeed, many expect it. Despite such anticipation, however, the turbulence can once in a while create significant anxiety among even the most seasoned travelers.

Norman Rockwell's Economy Is Never Coming Back

Promising a return to a Norman Rockwell-esque past where everyone had great jobs, financial stability and a shot at the American dream makes for great politics, but terrible economic policies.

Tech Stocks Face Another 10% Drop or More as Strong Dollar Hits Profits

The great tech selloff of 2022 is far from over as investors brace for earnings misses that may spur a more than 10% plunge in the Nasdaq 100.

Wall Street Banks Prep for Grim China Scenarios Over Taiwan

Global financial firms, still smarting from multi-billion dollar losses in Russia, are now reassessing the risks of doing business in Greater China after an escalation of tensions over Taiwan.

The Impact of Taxes on the 4% Rule

How do taxes impact the 4% rule for retirement spending?

Stale Pricing and the Risk to Bond Fund Investors

Bond mutual funds trade daily and are highly liquid, but the underlying securities are often highly illiquid, trading very infrequently. This mismatch means that bond fund pricing is unreliable, creating risks, especially for buy-and-hold investors.

GM’s Commitment to Electric Cars Still Has Skeptics

In a surprise move, General Motors Co. this week joined forces with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to recommend tougher emissions rules for passenger vehicles. But skeptics remain unconvinced by the company’s professed commitment to going green, citing GM’s history of battling tougher fuel economy rules.

Powell Says Economy May Be Entering ‘New Normal’ After Pandemic

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the US economy may be entering a “new normal” following disruptions from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fed Finally Vanquishes Stocks From Asset Allocation Throne

For years, asset allocators had it easy: Buy the biggest American tech companies and watch the returns rack up. Those days are gone, buried under a crush of central bank rate hikes that are rewriting the playbooks for investment managers across Wall Street.

The Strong Dollar Is About to Pay Some Dividends

In times like these, I’m reminded of Robert Rubin. The former US Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration was unequivocal that a strong dollar was in the country’s best interests, and the government should be careful not to undermine trust in the currency.

Trussonomics May Be a Gift for Labour and Keir Starmer

Who is the real “change candidate” after 12 years of Conservative government in the UK: Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labour party? Or Liz Truss, the fourth successive Tory prime minister?

Oil Markets Are Volatile But They’re Not Broken

Oil markets are broken. Extreme volatility and a lack of liquidity mean that crude futures have become disconnected from tight physical oil markets. At least that’s what some loud voices in the oil world are telling us.