Where Is Your Marketing Failing?

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You can follow all the marketing best practices and still see your strategy fail. Rather than randomly implement new tactics, view your marketing as an arch that supports your business. Here are the specific areas of your arch to assess for weakness.

Where is your marketing failing?

Advisors complain that their marketing is not working. They’ll list out the things they are doing that they’ve been told to do but just aren’t seeing the results they hoped for.

It can be frustrating when you think you are following all the marketing best practices, but they don’t work. Do you need to scrap your work and try something else?


Instead, analyze your marketing to see where there may be a point or points of failure.

Think of your marketing system as an arch. An arch is a structure that supports a building – in this case, your business. Each stone of the arch reinforces the other to create one sound structure. If any part is weak or fails, the entire system is compromised.

Your marketing system acts in the same way. The individual “stones” that make up your arch are your audience, message, channel, content, call to action, lead capture, nurturing, and conversion. They rely on one another’s strength to make the overall marketing system structurally sound.

Since all these pieces are interconnected, you need to analyze which stone is exhibiting weakness to see why your overall system is not structurally sound. Let’s look at each piece.