Gen Z Shows TikTok What Life's Like on Wall Street, Where Confidentiality Is Key

When Naeche Vincent’s employer told her she had to start coming to the office last year, she decided to make a TikTok video about preparing to step foot inside the Wall Street investment bank for the first time.

The 24-year-old, whose videos have garnered more than 2.4 million likes, had been working from home since she started as an analyst in 2020 and wanted to make a good first impression. She needed to buy new work clothes, get her eyebrows done and switch to a less dramatic manicure.

“I cannot have claws, like in the corporate world claws just aren’t happening, not with the people I work with,” she said in the video, waving her long nails.

One thing Vincent didn't mention in the video? Where she works. And in future videos, including one about pulling a 19-hour workday, she was also careful not to reveal her employer.

“The banking world is very strict about what you can share online,” Vincent said in an interview. “If you're online posting about a specific company, then you basically become a spokesperson. I just don’t say where I work.” Vincent also asked Bloomberg not to disclose her employer, which she has since left.