Thoughts on GOP Tax Cuts & China's Faltering Economy

1. Larry Kudlow: GOP Tax Cuts Will Benefit Everyone
2. China to Challenge US Superpower Status, Right? Wrong!
3. Another China Misnomer: Its Population is Aging Rapidly
4. China’s Economic Juggernaut May Have Peaked Already


I veer from our usual roster of topics this week to bring you an update on China and its prospects for continued hot economic growth, or lack thereof. China is the second largest economy on the planet, behind the US, and many (if not most) Americans believe that it won’t be too long before China overtakes the US as the largest economy in the world.

This thinking is taught in many US public schools, colleges and elsewhere. According to this theory, China will become the largest economy in the world as early as the next decade or by 2030 at the latest, so we’re told.

The Chinese government claims that its economy has been growing by 6% or better a year for the last decade. Yet there is a growing body of evidence that suggests China’s economy has grown by less than half that amount in the last few years. Likewise, there is growing evidence that China’s population growth rate has peaked and is now in decline.

If just these two trends are true, then there is virtually no chance that China will overtake the US as the world’s largest economy in the next decade, if ever, despite the mainstream media narrative that it’s only a matter of time.

But before we get to that topic, I want to reprint an excellent article written by Larry Kudlow, one of my favorite columnists, late last week regarding the tax cut plans approved by the House and Senate. Larry has some interesting insights that the media will not address. Here it is.