China Not To Overtake US Economy Until 2032

1. Report: China’s Economy Will Not Overtake US Until 2032
2. Cheaper Energy & Technology to Boost Asia-Pacific Region
3. Trickery: “Chained CPI” Hidden in New GOP Tax Reform Bill


Let me begin today’s letter by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Without your continued support, this E-Letter and Halbert Wealth Management would not exist. Thankfully, our assets under management have continued to grow in recent years.

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Barring any major negative surprises, 2018 looks to be a good year for the US economy, for jobs, for wages and for new innovation. I will get more specific on these topics in the next few weeks. Today, we need to revisit China and a new report which predicts how soon the “Middle Kingdom” will overtake the US as the world’s largest economy.

Rounding out today’s discussion, I’ll explain “chained CPI” which replaced traditional CPI in the new GOP tax reform bill. Whether you agree or disagree with this sneaky change in how inflation is calculated, you need to know about it. I’ll explain as we go along today.