Illegal Border Crossings To Hit Record 2 Million By Year-end


1. 1.7 million Illegal Border Crossings Last 12 Months

2. Border Crisis A Problem of Mr. Biden’s Own Making

3. US Border Crisis Is Now A Global Phenomenon

4. Murder Rate Exploded In 2020, Continues In 2021

Overview – 1.7 million Illegal Border Crossings Last 12 Months

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported last week it has arrested around 1.7 million people for illegal crossings at the southern border with Mexico between October 2020 and September 2021. This is an all-time high with migrants from Mexico making up the largest group of nationals arrested. More than 608,000 Mexican nationals were arrested followed by 367,000 arrests of migrants from countries other than Mexico and Central America and 309,000 Honduran nationals, the CBP reported.

Illegal crossings began rising in late 2020 but skyrocketed in the months after President Biden took office. As CBP arrests increased this past spring, Biden described the rise as consistent with historical seasonal norms. But the busiest months came during the sweltering heat of July and August, when more than 200,000 migrants were taken into custody.

Border arrest have greatly risen

The highest number of apprehensions were made at the Rio Grande Valley sector that stretches along the southern border of Texas and Mexico, totaling 549,000, more than two times the figure at the Del Rio sector which made the second-highest number of arrests, according to the latest CBP report. The arrest figures shown above do not accurately reflect the total number of migrants who get into this country every year because many make it into the US without being arrested.