Mr. President, Stop Begging For Oil & Unleash Texas


1. Biden Should Stop Begging Saudi Arabia For Oil

2. President Biden’s Failed Energy Policies

3. U.S. Oil Production Plunged From 2019 Levels

4. The US Has More Oil Reserves Than Saudi Arabia

5. Biden Continues To Deplete Strategic Oil Reserve

Overview – Biden Should Stop Begging Saudi Arabia For Oil

It has been widely reported that President Biden made a plea to Saudi Arabia to increase oil production earlier this year in an effort to get oil prices down ahead of the mid-term elections. The irony is, Saudi Arabia and a few other OPEC+ members responded by cutting oil production by 2 million barrels per day. That’s an embarrassing presidential snub if ever there was one!

The question is: Why is the president of the United States going to other countries asking them to increase production when he could more easily go to Texas and North Dakota which could accomplish the same thing? There is only one answer, in my opinion: he doesn’t want to.