The Monthly Market Tune Up: Market News and Investing Strategies for Financial Advisors from Financial Advisors

Market news has always moved fast, but these days it moves faster than ever. The Monthly Market Tune Up Webcast Series is a monthly webcast where Tom Lydon and financial advisors break down the market news in real time and apply it to real portfolio construction strategies. Find out how the best strategists in the business are navigating the news of the moment.


4 Top-Performing Real Estate ETFs You Should Consider

This article will examine four real estate ETFs that investors and advisors can consider for their portfolios in 2023. Whether investors are seeking exposure to a specific sector or a diversified portfolio, there is a real estate ETF available to meet their needs.


Bull vs. Bear: Is The Hype for Japan ETFs Justified?

For this edition of Bull vs. Bear, Nick Peters-Golden and Karrie Gordon discussed the fundamentals for and against investing in Japan ETFs.


Getting the Best Out of ChatGPT and AI

ChatGPT and AI seem to be everywhere these days, but what do they really mean for asset management and financial advisors? Does AI arrive as just a theme, or can it really have an immediate impact on financial advisors’ work?


It’s The Economy That Matters: The Employment Situation

Several key economic indicators are released every week to help provide insight into the overall health of the U.S. economy.


Real Estate ETFs: A Good Investment Amidst Predicted Recession?

Real estate ETFs have become a popular investment option for investors who want to gain exposure to the real estate market without owning physical properties. However, with some experts predicting a real estate recession, advisors may be wondering if such funds remain a good option.


VettaFi Honored As Finalist for 2023 “Wealthie” Award In Research Innovation

Earlier this month, WealthManagement.com announced the finalists for its 2023 Industry Awards (the “Wealthies”). VettaFi is one of two firms to be recognized for outstanding achievement in research innovation. The Wealthies was the first award program of its kind to honor companies, organizations, and individuals supporting financial advisor success.


How to Be a Trans-Friendly Financial Advisor

As Pride month begins, financial advisors have an opportunity to reflect on how trans-friendly their practices are and take steps to make them warmer, more inclusive, and more appealing to transgender clients.


A Diversified Approach to Investing in the AI Sector

Some investors may not want to go all-in on AI, preferring a more diversified approach to their investments. For those investors, there are stock picker ETFs that have holdings in AI-focused companies but won’t bet the house on AI.


Future of Finance: 5 Hard Truths About How AI Impacts the Real World

Tired of the AI hype yet? It’s OK, I understand. I’m tired of it too. The pace of human progress — and our insatiable need to be entertained by the shock of the new — seems to be forevermore in the “hockey stick” part of the growth curve.


Assessing the AIEQ ETF: Implications for AI Investing

The AI Powered Equity ETF (AIEQ) has garnered attention recently, but not for positive reasons. Despite using artificial intelligence to make investment decisions, the ETF has struggled to perform well, with a disappointing one-year return of -13.92%.


Short-Term Versus Long-Term Gains When Selling ETFs

Because exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer a dynamic product that can serve as a buy-and-hold or buy-and-sell investment, they can offer investors the opportunity to reap long-term or short-term gains. Knowing the difference between the two is crucial, especially when it comes time for taxes.


Investing in AI-Focused ETFs: A Smart Move for Modern Investors

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how we live and work, and it is now poised to transform the investing world. As technology continues to evolve and mature, investors are increasingly turning to AI-focused ETFs to gain exposure to this dynamic and rapidly growing sector.


VettaFi Voices On: Debt Ceiling Investing

This week, the VettaFi Voices come together for an abbreviated chat about an important topic: the debt ceiling.


VettaFi Viewpoints: Dave Nadig & Zeno Mercer on AI’s Disruptive Potential

VettaFi’s Financial Futurist Dave Nadig sat down with ROBO Global’s senior research analyst Zeno Mercer for a wide-ranging discussion about AI. Together, the two explored industries that could benefit from AI, those facing existential threats, and how the smartest AI analysts see it.