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Solving for your clients’ most complex needs as independent RIAs

April 14, 2023 | Schwab Advisor Services

Jason Fertitta may have Houston roots, but he had 19 years of Wall Street experience before starting his own independent RIA firm. In that time, he learned that his bank’s one-size-fits-all approaches to advisory were actually limiting to his big dreams. So, he and a small team decided to leave one of the nation’s largest banks in 2019 to start their own independent RIA firm, Americana Partners.

The move couldn’t have paid off any better. Their newfound freedom to focus solely on the unique needs of his high-net-worth clients meant they could build their practice free of corporate agendas and proprietary products. Today, they’ve gained nearly $1 billion in new assets and areconfident they’ll keep growing.

To read Jason’s take on why independence could be your Texas-sized opportunity, download the case study below.

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